Kwasi “K-Skeem” Duah is a producer/artist based out of Maryland, U.S.A. Born on November 3rd, 1985, his first years as a child was spent in his hometown Ghana, Africa. K-Skeem has been producing beats since he was a teenager living in the U.S. “Theres pressure on you when you come to the U.S and try and make music that Americans will love when you were not even born in the U.S” says Skeem.

K-Skeem has had his songs shopped to Tommy Rotem on Beluga Heights/Epic Records, however he wasn’t what they were looking for. K-Skeem has also shopped his own music to JPat Records which is Usher’s mother’s label along with Justin Timberlakes label Tennman Records. In 2001, K-Skeem launched his indie label Fatalistik Entertainment but did not make it an LLC until 2015.